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Whether you’re working in business, healthcare, education, government, hospitality or at home, having the right chair can make a surprising difference in not only your health and happiness, but your ROI.

As chair experts, with proven designs and custom fits, Chairs Limited, is your one stop solution for ergonomics, aesthetics and solutions that make great economic sense.



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Chairs Limited

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Heading for University already? Time to upgrade their tools.

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This will remain one of the most memorable things we've done here at Chairs Limited. It's very satisfying to give back.

Hidden inscription on old sofa unites family with forgotten furniture

As the name suggests, Chairs Limited specializes in chairs. But owner Joan Downing has a passion for antique furniture, so they occasionally upholster and restore pieces for clients, or for resale, which is how they came upon Frank and Louise Baird’s couch.

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h A p P y m O n D a Y !!

If someone stole your chair over the weekend, don't take it sitting down!

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h A p P y c A n A d A d A y !

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