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Polyurethane Foam – A Simplified Discussion

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~Comfort and Durability as functions of Firmness and Density~

A frequently heard term when discussing PU foam is “I want that really firm density”.

The truth of the matter is the quality and durability is derived from the density; how much chemical is utilized in making a cubic foot (cu ft) of foam. The higher the density the more durable the foam; up to a point. Long term testing has determined that 1.8 lbs/cu ft density, provides the best balance between fatigue resistance and chemical/foam cost. Improvements in longevity performance are minimal at higher densities when dealing with conventional foam. Firmness of foam (IFD) (Indentation Force Deflection) can be adjusted in the process to achieve similar hardness irrespective of density.


Health Problems Associated with Sitting

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From time to time, we all like to sit and take it easy. After a long day, it’s nice to sit and take in a favorite television program, or sit & spend time with family at the dinner table after a relaxing meal. However, too much sitting can be hazardous to your health.

Sitting for long periods can often lead to a variety of health issues. Excessive sitting has been linked to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, high cholesterol and others. Blood clots, also called deep vein thrombosis, form in the legs due to poor circulation while sitting for long periods. This is a frequent problem for those who travel by air, and can have potentially fatal consequences if not treated promptly. The solution is simply to get up and move around with some frequency, increasing circulation. This is not always possible, so there are products and exercises designed to help. Flexing and pointing your toes, or bouncing your legs will help increase circulation. Compression stockings, readily available at your local pharmacy, will help prevent blood from pooling in the lower legs. Blood thinners may be prescribed by your physician if you are at risk for clotting.


The Benefits of Standing Desks


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Patient: Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I don’t do this.
Doctor: Do that.

A play on the old joke rings true across millions of offices the world over with increasing frequency. The patient is complaining of pain when stationary for extended periods of time. The Doctor is recommending to not stay stationary, or in other words, keep moving.

Never before have so many of us worked in jobs that require sedentary sitting in the performance of our daily tasks, and we are starting to see the health problems directly resulting. Innovation, in light of this need, has introduced products that could help, such as ergonomic chairs, kneeler chairs, and workout balls. These designs give workers more opportunities to exercise or relieve tension in compressed areas, but they still do not solve the basic problem; the fact that people are sitting, practically motionless, for extended periods of time, day after day. One of the newer innovations in this arena, the Sit/Stand workstation, addresses this problem, but come with their own concerns.


Custom Office Chairs = Expensive?


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What is a custom ergonomic chair? This is a question often asked of us, but the answer really depends on who’s asking the question.

Having built office chairs from our Burnside facility for over 23 years, we’ve served all kinds of applications, in all kinds of markets. Providing task chairs, executive chairs, guest chairs, 24 hour chairs, industrial chairs, special purpose chairs, and single purpose chairs, in hotels, hospitals, schools, small offices, corporate offices, public and private back to work applications, back pain or other medical applications.


Sit Down, Stand up, and use these 10 Tips to Improve Your Posture


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Each year, backaches, neck pain, stiff muscles, and body aches prevent millions of North Americans from going to work and doing the things they love. About 80 percent of all Americansand Canadians will suffer back pain during their lifetime. Many times, back pain and other body aches are due to poor posture. Here are ten ways to improve your posture and reduce the risk for back pain.


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