Customer Service Means Paying it Forward


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Back in 1994 Sandy Kent was badly injured in a workplace accident, and after several operations it was obvious he would no longer be continuing his career with the Canadian Coast Guard.  Due to his injuries, his only option for working was to start a home-based business, and for this he required a one-of-a-kind, made to order chair to allow him keep his health and independence.

Fast forward 18 years – this ergonomic chair that had provided support and independence was getting worn out.  After being utilized for up to 8 hours a day for 18 years for both work and enjoyment, it was no longer functioning properly.  While trying to repair the chair’s wheels, Sandy’s son found a business card stapled to the bottom of the chair seat and with fingers crossed, a call was made to Chairs Limited.  Sandy left a voice mail message, then fired off an email asking for suggestions on how to fix the wheel problem.

The next day Sandy got a response to the email.  Chairs Limited offered to send a replacement base for the chair or Sandy could bring them the chair, and they would replace the base.  Sandy explained because of physical challenges he was unable to do the repairs would need to rely on his son or someone else to do the repairs.  Since he didn’t drive, it might take a couple of days to make arrangements for the chair to be sent in for repairs.  Sandy was also concerned about the unplanned repair costs, and his ability to pay for both the repairs and getting the chair to the company, a round trip of over 160km.

Chairs Limited was quick to understand Sandy’s situation.  Here was a man who faced physical challenges, needed the chair to be able to earn a living and was getting stressed over these unplanned expenses, so the company made an offer Sandy couldn’t refuse.  They would pick up the chair, repair it and return it to Sandy at no charge.

As it turned out, the chair was not repairable; many of the parts and pieces after 18 years were no longer being manufactured.  So, knowing the situation and how much Sandy depended on the chair, Chairs Limited offered to replace the chair free of charge.

Chairs Limited delivered to Sandy more than a free replacement chair that day – they had the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ and they certainly did.  What took so little effort on their part, made a enormous difference to Sandy.  They gave Sandy back his independence and his lifeline to health, giving him the ability to contribute to society and to work independently again.

A story on how Customer Service = Paying it Forward.

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