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Because one size doesn’t fit all

Chairs Limited carries Contour Design’s Countour Mouse.

Contour Mouse, once known as the Perfit Mouse, is an ergonomically sculpted mouse, designed to support your hand comfortably, regardless of size.
Over 120 different models were designed until we found the perfect fit for your hand. This design is the perfect balance between ergonomics and productivity.

Four right-handed sizes and two left-handed sizes ensure that you will find a Contour Mouse that fits your hand perfectly.

This is important for avoiding excessive clutching and finger flexing that can aggravate the hand and wrist, resulting in repetitive strain injuries.

  • Custom fit gives optimal support
  • Pronounced arch on the top – gives your hand support from underneath.
  • Stronger the better – elongated buttons that allow you to use the second knuckle of your finger to click.
  • “True” three-button design
  • Full-size third mouse button, making middle clicking as easy and smooth as a regular click – a smart feature for high-click-intensive tasks such as CAD/CAM and design applications.
  • Thumb rest -naturally on the side, where you have both the scroll wheel and a rocker switch
  • Relaxed grip – where the hand rests on top, and the fingers lie relaxed and stretched out.
  • Option to switch to a precision grip, where the mouse is held with the fingertips of all five fingers.
  • Available in four right-handed and two left-handed versions.
  • Plug and play – Convenient, out-of-box connectivity for both PC and Mac computers.

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