iLevel Laptop Stand

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Because you don’t sit at your desk in a fixed position, the iLevel is designed to be dynamic. Drag iLevel’s slider to adjust the screen height to your new eye level whenever you shift position. Rotate iLevel’s built-in turntable whenever you want to share ideas with others. Designed to match the Apple MacBook Pro and PowerBook, iLevel is made of steel with silver paint finish, so you can work comfortably in a stylish and solid desktop setting.

Price: $79.00 In Stock

  • iLevel raises the screen to your eye to prevent slouching
  • Tilt design cools laptop by helping heat escape
  • Adjustable height suits your different seating positions
  • Keyboard stash clears desktop area when not in use.
  • Turntable makes it easy to share ideas with others.
  • Rubberized steel bar supports your laptop.

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