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This unique, one of a kind piece is a Kroehler framed couch that had served it’s purpose. Now re-purposed in an up to date design, created by our own Joan Downing. We stripped this old couch down to the frame, and started from scratch. New everything, with the exception of the frame, and you would not believe it’s the same piece of furniture. Stop in to have a look at some of our other rescue projects. Each is a one-off design.

A rescued Kroehler unit in its final days, completely stripped and uniquely redone. You won’t find another like it. Guaranteed.

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In honour of this weekend's Beer on the Pier event in Halifax, cheers from Chairs!

Aug 7th 10:27pm • No Comments

Tomorrow & Saturday the Cunard Centre in the south end of Halifax features Atlantic Canada’s largest gathering of craft beer, imports & cider! Breweries and agents will be on hand to sample and discuss 275 unique products. Over 110 producers will be on hand representing local brewers, imports and cideries. Special booths include Ireland, Maine, Ontario, Quebec and a new booth dedicated to cask ales. One of the top summer festivals in Halifax, this is an event not to be missed.

Halifax Seaport Beerfest

The Halifax Seaport BeerFest: Atlantic Canada's largest beer festival returns for its 7th year - August 9 & 10, 2013. Attendees can sample over 200 local, regional and international beers and ciders at three sessions over two days.

Aug 7th 10:06pm • No Comments

I know some will be more in tune than others around the debate regarding hydraulic fracturing drilling technology. I've watched the attached documentary this weekend, and was happily enlightened. Want to know what the fuss is about? Watch, then share this video. The economic development agenda in this province is too important to have it be highjacked by a misinformed, vocal minority.


Aug 5th 10:56am • No Comments

USA Today writes about the importance of moving, and the dangers of sitting disease. We have to sit, but we don't have to be sedentary.

Retirees: Sitting disease may be killing you

There are 34 chronic diseases and conditions associated with excess sitting, expert says.

Jul 22nd 11:20am • No Comments

I read a letter to the editor earlier this week, that we need to see more of from the people of Nova Scotia. Please read the following written by a resident of Granville Ferry, NS.

To create jobs, compromise on fracking, fish farming.

Why do we have a population crisis in Nova Scotia ? Why aren’t more people flocking to our beautiful province?

There is a whole other world out there of industrious people who live in big cities, often on top of each other in large apartment complexes, where it takes up to two hours to drive to work. Why aren’t they coming here?

I am starting to believe that people in Nova Scotia want it that way: the locals, because they want nothing to change, and people who have moved here because they do not want to import the overpopulation in cities and around the world to their perfect retirement communities.

We carry on about the evils of fracking, fish farming and wind farms, which has turned many Nova Scotians into a “not-in-my-backyard” group.

I cannot believe the opinions I read in the newspaper on fracking and fish farming, which sometimes seem to be all emotion with few facts.

Anything positive is dismissed as faulty science or a pack of lies.

Maybe I am missing something, but just saying no is not the answer. Has the NIMBY group ever thought of compromise? That is one word that is needed in our province to make it grow. Like children, we cannot always get our own way.

Some 5,100 full-time jobs disappeared in May and 7,900 workers have lost their jobs since the start of 2014.

We have to learn how to adjust to new ideas and people in order to make the province prosper.

Graham Wright

Jul 16th 8:24am • No Comments

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