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Tablik – iPad, Tablet Arm Desk Mount

  Introducing Tablik® — a universal tablet and iPad arm

9230 Front 472x472

Free-standing mount for Apple’s iPad®

Weighted base and sturdy construction protect the tablet Secure enclosure

iPad EVO Mount Front 472x472

EVO® Pole Arm with iPad® Holder

The 5800 EVO® Pole Arm with iPad Holder combines our iPad holder with the sleek EVO® Pole Arm, allowing you to position the iPad wherever you need it.

7000 Tablet Multi_Front 472x472

7000 LCD Arm with Secure iPad® Holder

The 7000 LCD Arm with secure iPad holder solves theft risk problems with a Secure iPad Mount and a sturdy steel enclosure for the iPad. Combined with our best-selling 7000 LCD Arm, you are able to position the iPad wherever you need it.

9189-12-8438_Main 472x472

9189 Secure iPad® Mount, Through-Counter

The 9189 Secure iPad Mount, Through-Counter, is ideal for self-service and kiosk locations needing Countertop Mount to prevent theft and increase security.

IPad Wall Mount 9110-8438 Front 472x472

9110 Secure iPad® Wall Mount

The 9110 Secure iPad® Wall Mount provides security and prevents theft and is a popular choice for self-service and kiosk locations.

iPad EVO Mount Home Button 472x472

8438 Secure iPad® Holder

The 8438 Secure iPad Holder keeps your iPad® accessible yet safe with Home button access can be blocked if desired.

8424_Front Horizontal 472x472

8424 Secure iPad® Holder

8424 Secure iPad® Holder is secure and durable featuring heavy-duty steel construction, compatible with all Innovative mounts.

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