Quadropod™ LCD Mount

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The flexibility to mount four!

Chairs Limited carries Innovative Office Products’ Quadropod™ LCD Mount.

Mount 4 flat panel monitors with flexibility to arrange monitors in any position desired. Includes 4 Model 7000 LCD Arms, articulating gas arms which provide complete freedom of motion.
The arms suspend the monitors weightlessly above the desk – reposition monitors with your fingertips.
Each monitor can be moved independent of the others. Adjust monitor pivot and placement quickly as your needs change.

The Quadropod™ mount conserves large mounts of your valuable desk space, reducing 4 monitor stands’ worth of space to a single pole mount. If you choose to combine the Quadropod™ with an Innovative slatwall or slatrail mount, it is possible to completely free desk space.

The Quadropod™ allows you to set arm height at any desired position along the included 28″ pole. The Quadropod™ can be configured to accommodate 1 user (with 4 monitors), 2 users (with 2 monitors each), and even 4 users.

  • Adjust base height of monitors on pole in 1″ increments.
  • Each arm has 24″ of horizontal range.
  • Each arm has 16″ of vertical range (8″ up and down from horizontal).
  • Each arm can fold up to occupy just 3” of space.
  • Each arm rotates 360 degrees at three joints.
  • Monitor tilter mechanisms tilt over 200 degrees.
  • Includes our extended FLEXmount™ with 6 mounting options.
  • VESA-monitor compatible – 75mm & 100mm VESA adapters included. Ask about non-VESA options.

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