Ergonomic Consulting

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Ergonomics at Work

What sets Chairs Limited apart from your big box office chain or regular furniture stores? We have over 65 combined years experience, working with occupational therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists and physiotherapists, creating our own unique chair designs that put ergonomics to work for you. Our fearless leader Joan has been at it for 33 years alone!

Want to feel better after sitting for hours in front of your computer? Got back issues or Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

Whether you pick a proven design or have very specific needs, all our chairs are custom built to your order.

Come into our showroom and take a seat or we’ll come to you with chairs you can test drive and do an on-site evaluation.

Whether it’s one chair, one hundred or even a thousand chairs, we have the proven capability to deliver on time and on budget.

We’ll take you through a fitting exercise, build it, and deliver it. We can even provide chair removal services.

And it doesn’t end there. A good ergonomic workstation includes Mousing applications, Flat Panel Monitor Mounting Systems, Keyboard Arms and Trays, Footrests, and Adjustable Height Work Stations. You’ll find these in stock at Chairs Limited or we’ll order them for you to provide a total solution. It’s one stop shopping at its best.

According to the Canadian Health Measures Survey, adults spend an average of 9.5 hours sitting a day. That’s more than half your waking hours.

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