Sit Down, Stand up, and use these 10 Tips to Improve Your Posture


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Each year, backaches, neck pain, stiff muscles, and body aches prevent millions of North Americans from going to work and doing the things they love. About 80 percent of all Americansand Canadians will suffer back pain during their lifetime. Many times, back pain and other body aches are due to poor posture. Here are ten ways to improve your posture and reduce the risk for back pain.

  1. Sit in an ergonomic office chair while you work. Office ergonomics is the science of fitting your workplace to suit your capabilities. An ergonomic chair improves your productivity, reduces injury, and makes you happy.
  2. Get out of the ergonomic office chair and skip work for a bit. Free movement is mandatory, even for those glued to a computer monitor all day.
  3. Good posture does not end at 5 pm. Avoid the temptation to flop down on the couch to eat dinner while watching television.
  4. Stop watching television, skip the snack, and go to the gym. Strong core muscles hold you upright to improve posture. You will look better and feel great too.
  5. Use office ergonomics like mounting flat panel monitors at the correct height, using keyboard arms and trays, footrests, and adjustable height workstations.
  6. Keep your earlobes, shoulder blades, and hips in the same vertical line when you sit, stand, or walk. You will feel a bit robotic at first but this good posture will come naturally with practice.
  7. Learn correct posture. Stand against a wall with the heels of your feet a couple of inches away from the wall; rest your head and shoulders lightly on the wall. You should be able to slide your hand easily behind the small of your back without a huge gap – that is perfect posture.
  8. Think about your posture. Become aware of slouching, leaning and, most importantly, pain.
  9. Forget about your posture. Make good posture a habit that comes naturally, without thinking about it.
  10. Wear reasonable shoes. High heels change the angle of your legs and hips as you sit.


An improved posture reduces backache, improves posture and even makes you appear taller and thinner. Sit down, stand up, and be more productive now!


Post by the Chairs Limited Team

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