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Ergonomics are not just for chairs anymore. Today’s office ergonomics include smarter designs for almost every aspect of computer work, from mouse to monitor. Here are four of Chairs Limited’s most popular products to improve ergonomics in the workplace:

RollerMouse Free 2 Above 472x472

    Roller Mouse Free LCD

RollerMouse Free2

The Roller Mouse Free2 reduces pain in the neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist by eliminating the need to reach for the mouse. Contour Design’s revolutionary design reconfigures the ordinary mouse into an ergonomically friendly shape that puts the most important buttons where you need them the most. The Roller Mouse Free 2 features a copy and paste buttons that replaces Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, large left-click, right-click and double-click buttons, and a wide rubber scroll wheel that replaces the tiny wheel on the standard mouse. Use both hands on the large roller bar to move the cursor to reduce the risk for carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries caused by mouse work.


    EVO LCD Arm


The EVO LCD Arm by Innovative Office Products floats the monitor above the desk, improving the user’s posture while working on the computer. The manufacturer incorporated Better Balance® technology into the EVO LCD Arm to fully support the monitor and ensure effortless repositioning. A mounted monitor increases office productivity by reducing stiff neck and shoulder pain.


    Electric Height Adjustable Desking Systems

Electric Height Adjustable Desking Systems

Ergonomics for the office include every piece of furniture in that office – even the desks. The Electric Height Adjustable Desking Systems by ISE-Ergonomics provide infinite flexibility in desk heights – from a height of 22 inches to 48 inches – to allow even the tallest or shortest user to work in comfort. These desks are available in a variety of configurations, including dual surface desks, corner desks, and desks with a unique wing shape.


    DH-640 Document Holder

DH-640 Document Holder

DH-640 Document Holder holds documents of any size, including books and catalogues, up where you can see them without having to look down at your desk. An elastic line guide holds the user’s place and keeps pages open. The DH-640 Document Holder can hold up to 300 sheets, and is angle and height adjustable.

Improve office productivity and reduce the risk for repetitive strain injuries by investing in ergonomic office equipment. Your back, wrists, and employees will thank you.

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